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what is doggy daycare?

Doggy daycare is a great way to give your best 4-legged friend a full day of socialisation, exercise, and stimulation. It can be great for both you and your companion to have some time apart, and let them have some fun with other dogs and our specially trained humans.

can i tour Jurassic Bark before signing my dog up?

Of course! We've put a humungous amount of time and energy in to our facility so we'd love for you to see it some time!

We will be opening for some special 'sniffari' on-leash tours, so please bring your puppsaurus along to see where they'll be spending some of their favourite days of the week.

can any dog attend doggy daycare?

Yes, and no. We welcome all types of dogs at all sorts of ages! However, all dogs must undergo a mandatory 'Behavioural Assessment' which is used to see how your dog behaves when it's away from you, how they feel about our jungle facility, how they interact with our trainers, and how they feel around other dogs.

what does my dog need before attending daycare at The Bark?

At sign-up, you'll need to provide proof of the following for your dog:
- A current C5 vaccination certificate.

- If over the age of 6-months, a certificate from your veterinarian stating that they're desexed.

how soon can my puppy come and play?

We accept puppies who are at least 10-weeks of age, and have had their first C5 vaccination. 

8-days after their vaccination they can get started in our Puppy Playgroup days!

when can i drop off or pick up my puppysaurus?

Our regular drop-off window is from 7.30am to 9.30am, and pickup window is from 4.30pm to 6.30pm
We recommend that puppies be collected around 5pm as they will have had a big day!
For any special circumstances outside of these times, please feel free to contact us.

who will my dog play with at The Bark?

We like to group our daycare dogs by their play style, temperament, and personality. 

This means that your puppysaurus might be hanging out with other like-minded dogs, even if they're a different size or age! Grouping this way equals a better fit for your dog and more fun!

will somebody be looking after my dog?

You bet! We have a high staff-to-dog ratio so that your pup will always be in a safe and supervised area with plenty of attention. The best bit is that all of our daycare staff are first and foremost dog lovers, who all have either worked at another doggy daycare facility, have a background in training, or are experienced dog walkers and pet-sitters - so you can relax knowing that they're in safe and well-qualified hands at The Bark.

do you feed dogs at Jurassic Bark?

The only feeding we do is for any of our furry customers with special needs or medication, and any of our youngest puppies who might need a little lunch to keep them going for the day. If this is the case, all medication and meals will need to be supplied by the customer at drop-off time.

There will of course be some snacks, treats, and rewards throughout the day for the goodest of boys and girls. (With owners approval)

where does my dog go to the toilet at The Bark?

It's a HUGE help for us if you're able to take your dog to the toilet before you arrive each morning! For those who can't though, we are lucky enough to have a beautiful outdoor area which is fully fenced and has a large drained synthetic lawn that's ready to handle plenty of pees and poops. Inside we use special electric mops to clean up any accidents that might happen, which means no more smelly dogs checking out at the end of the day!

do you host any special events at Jurassic Bark?

We love hosting puppy-parties, training days, or any other type of event in our great facility. If you're planning something for your dog or just other humans - please let us know and let's see what we can do to help!

did we miss anything?

If we haven't covered everything or you have any more questions - please give us a call any time!

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