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Tropical Leaves



It's nice to have friends! 

There's no better place to meet other like-minded pooches than at The Bark. Socialisation is an extremely important part of your dog's life, no matter their age. We've got enough space for your dog to be as social as they like, and still get their own space to switch off and chill out.



We all need both mental and physical stimulation! Daycare is a great environment for your pup to learn and experience all sorts of new things.

Our experienced trainers are always with your dog - which means plenty of attention at all times (and cuddles, duh!).



Sometimes a quick walk before and after work just doesn't cut it!
A full day of adventure and play (and some rest of course!) is a great way to get rid of those extra beans, all while being surrounded by furry friends and under expert supervision. We've got enough toys, equipment, and activities to keep your dog busy and happy all day long.

$ 50

$ 69

This is your ticket for a full day of play!

$ 328

A convenient 5-pack of day visits at a lightly discounted rate.

$ 640

This works out to be approximately 7% off our casual day pass rate.

$ 1,240

This works out to be approximately 10% off our casual day pass rate.

Our Pricing

5-Pack Day Pass

Introductory Behavioural Assessment

Casual Day Pass

10-Pack Day Pass

20-Pack Day Pass

Doggy Daycare isn't the best fit for everyone... So before we can sign up your puppysaurus for daycare, we first need to do a 1-hour 'behavioural assessment' to see how your furry friend feels in our jungle facility, how they interact with our trainers, and most importantly if they get along with their potential new pals.

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