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Tropical Plants

Our Facility

We don't like to toot our own horn, but we've got one heck of a facility over here! (Toot toot!)

We've designed and built the ultimate jungle themed adventure playground for your furry friend!

Split between 2 levels, we've got 6 indoor dedicated play areas and a large outdoor area to give our dogs some extra space to enjoy a bit of fresh air, stretch the legs, and catch some rays.

All of our pens feature continuous-flow drinking troughs, to ensure there's always fresh water available.

There's a great assortment of custom-built play equipment that is constantly being moved and changed to keep our guests on their toes.

We've got leading edge smart lighting in all of our play areas so that we can dim lights for nap times, change colours for a special birthday occasion, or even set them to party mode when it's time for everyone to go wild and expend some extra energy!

We've thought about the little things too - like brand new non-slip epoxy floors for our downstairs area, and new commercial grade vinyl upstairs. Both of which help keep our pens safe and clean.

Oh, and how about those crazy Melbourne weather days? We've got the ultimate mix of fresh air, exhaust fans, air conditioning, and rotary fans so that we're completely in control of the jungle climate.

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